SEMS accepted papers published

The following papers have been accepted for publication at SEMS 14:

  • Birgit Hofer, Dietmar Jannach, Thomas Schmitz, Kostyantyn Shchekotykhin and Franz Wotawa. Tool-supported fault localization in spreadsheets: Limitations of current research practice
  • Dietmar JannachThomas Schmitz and Kostyantyn Shchekotykhin. Toward Interactive Spreadsheet Debugging
  • Raymond Panko. Improving Methods in Spreadsheet Error Research
  • Richard PaigeDimitris Kolovos and Nicholas Matragkas. Spreadsheets are models too
  • Birgit Hofer and Franz Wotawa. On the Usage of Dependency-based Models for Spreadsheet Debugging
  • Daniel Kulesz. A Spreadsheet Cell-Type Model for Testing
  • Pablo Palma. SBBRENG: Spreadsheet Based Business Rule Engine
  • Peter Sestoft. End-user development via sheet-defined functions
  • Sohon Roy and Felienne Hermans. Dependence Tracing Techniques for Spreadsheets: An Investigation
  • Jácome CunhaJoao FernandesJorge Mendes, Rui Pereira and João Saraiva. MDSheet – Model-Driven Spreadsheets
  • Thomas Levine. Automatically assessing the relevance, quality, and usability of spreadsheets
  • Thomas Levine. Sheetmusic: Making music from spreadsheets
  • Raymond Panko. Are We Overconfident in Our Understanding of Overconfidence?
  • Joeri van Veen and Felienne Hermans. Anonymizing Spreadsheet Data and Metadata with AnonymousXL
  • Bas Jansen and Felienne Hermans. Using a Visual Language to Create Better Spreadsheets

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