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In my last blog post I talked about the Aragorn tool. I am happy to announce that since that post which was quite some time back, Aragorn has evolved quite a bit. It’s much more robust now and has lesser bugs. It has also gone through some functional changes!


Aragorn is currently available as Excel 2010 add-in.


Results of user-study for evaluation of Aragorn

  1.  Category A QuestionsResponses_All_141124
  2. Category B Questions:
    1. Scenario 1: Assume it is Friday afternoon and you are eagerly waiting for the week-end to start. Your own assigned tasks are pretty much done and so you are quite relaxed. However your team-lead/manager calls you up and gives you an urgent task. One of your colleagues who had been working on a model workbook is absent due to sickness. Your lead was working on it but suddenly has been called up for an urgent management level meeting so she requests you to finish the remaining modifications on the workbook as things can’t wait. So now you are left with a workbook which probably you have never laid your eyes upon and have to make changes in the span of a few hours.
    2. Scenario 2: Assume you are running a heavy schedule on a day full of meetings. You receive a call from the client side requesting that the model workbooks that were to be sent, be sent a week earlier; as due to forecasted market dynamics they really need it earlier than expected. You hurry to check work status from your team-members and find that work is almost ready but some errors have come up in testing. In order to hurry up the whole process you join in the activity of removing the errors from these workbooks which your junior team-members have created.      Results: Responses_All_141122
  1. Windows 7 installer for Aragorn: Download (Read warnings before trying)

A quick summary of what Aragorn provides:

  • It gives you instantaneous warning about dependents of cells you are about modify; even when they are situated in different worksheets.
  • It requires one-time processing of your Excel workbook and for workbooks of size of the order of 12 – 14MB the time required for processing is about half a minute.

Please go through our original post on Aragorn for a better picture about it.

Warning & Disclaimer

Aragorn is a research initiative and is in experimental stage. Please make sure you have adequate back-up copies of your workbooks on which you want to try it out. Trying Aragorn on data or workbook of critical importance to your work is not recommended at present.

Once you activate Aragorn on a workbook, any changes you made before closing will be by default saved even if you do not save it pro-actively.

Also note that if you make some changes, you need to pro-actively save the workbook in order to see the reflection of the changes in the Arasense behavior in the same session. When you save, Arasense will re-process your workbook in order to consider the new changes.

When AraSense is in turned ON state, the ‘undo’ feature does not work. If you turn it OFF it works.

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