The Delft Spreadsheet Lab is part of the Software Engineering Research Group of the Delft University of Technology. The lab is headed by Felienne Hermans. We work on diverse topics concerning spreadsheets, such as spreadsheet quality, design patterns testing and refactoring.

Scientific staff

Felienne Hermans

Hi there! I am Felienne. I am assistant professor at Delft University of Technology and I started the Spreadsheet Lab after finishing a PhD dissertation on the topic of spreadsheet analysis. Besides spreadsheets, I like public speaking, running, dancing Lindy Hop, playing with Legos and watching movies.

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Efthimia (Fenia) Aivaloglou

Hello, I am Fenia, a postdoctoral researcher in the Spreadsheet Lab. My background is on information systems engineering. In the course of my career, I have worked as a software engineer, a systems engineer, and an academic researcher. I have a PhD in the area information systems security.  I originally joined this lab as a scientific programmer, worked on experimenting with and validating research ideas, until spreadsheets research won me over. Currently, I am researching spreadsheets semantics and spreadsheet-to-code transformations. At the same time, I am contributing to the implementation of our research results in the PerfectXL spreadsheet validation and risk analysis tool.

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PhD Students

Sohon Roy

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Hi! I am Sohon. I am originally an Electronics & Communication Engineer from India, however most of my professional experience after graduation has been in the field of software development and IT. Consequently I shifted to the field of Computer Science in which I obtained my Masters degree from Ecole Polytechnique, France previous to joining TU Delft.

I have interest in History, Literature, Philosophy, Music and the Visual Arts. I try to find things to learn from any type of entertainment I indulge in, be it movies, TV series or games. You would be surprised to find out how much you can actually learn from these things if you really want to! I also try to find humor in everyday-life especially the dry and sarcastic type and more often than not I laugh at my own follies and misadventures as I keep progressing through this interesting journey called life!

Bas Jansen

Bas200x200My name is Bas Jansen. My research will be aimed at developing algorithms and techniques to facilitate the design, development, and maintenance of large spreadsheets as well as the transformation of spreadsheets into (domain-specific) custom software applications. I have a passion for Excel (my main motive for this PhD adventure) and maintain a Dutch website www.zowerktexcel.nl filled with Excel tips.

Together with my business partner I own and run InfoAction, a company that creates value for its customers by helping them optimize their reporting, consolidation and budgeting. At InfoAction, we all have a background in Finance and Control, but we also know the ropes when it comes to ICT.

In my free time, I am an avid runner, and love to cook. With respect to running my Big Hairy Audacious Goal is to finish the New York City Marathon.

I am happily married to Hermien and the proud father of our daughter Ella (9).

Where can you find me?

Alaaeddin Swidan

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Hi! My name is Alaaeddin Swidan. I am starting my research in the Spreadsheet Lab in TU Delft. I will be focusing on enhancing the performance of spreadsheets especially when related to large-scale applications.
I am originally a computer engineering graduate, I worked for some years as a system engineer dealing with voice-based interactive systems and applications. In my master studies I have been introduced to the aspects of end user programming, spreadsheets world in particular. I tried to handle and solve the problems that the users faced in spreadsheets applications from computer science perspective, as a result I wrote my master dissertation about finding a software solution to spreadsheets cloning within organizations.